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Timez Attack challenges children to learn their multiplication tables within a fun game.

Timez Attack is a third-person 3D adventure game with a cartoonish art style. The goal is to guide a little bug-like guy — the player’s avatar — through a labyrinth in order to overcome the Big Bad and acquire a MacGuffin that will save the day. Players will navigate mazes, solve puzzles and riddles and overcome foes as they make their way deeper through the story. This game features many of the challenges and motifs that have made these kinds of adventure games so popular over the years.

What sets Timez Attack apart is that it’s also a learning tool that helps children memorize and understand their multiplication tables. This approach can be just as effective as flash cards and even more so because children enjoy themselves rather than focus on the learning process. The game integrates this learning fundamentally into the challenges the player faces.

If the player must vanquish a troll in order to pass, then tricking the troll or successfully throwing a torch at it to scare it away requires the player to answer a question, such as what is 2 times 12. A successful answer moves the player ahead, and a wrong answer may even cause a setback. While there is light combat in the game, violence is kept to a minimum and there’s certainly no blood or gore.

Multiplication isn’t linked to just monsters either. At one point, there’s an elevator that must be ascended, and the player must solve problems at various control panels to keep it going. There are also opportunities simply to explore, which take the child’s mind off the math. Nevertheless, the program never loses that focus and even tracks fluency for the current session and compared to previous sessions.

Timez Attack is a wonderful learning game that can be both fun and educational. However, the graphics and controls are somewhat dated by current standards. Many children have experience with newer mobile games and may come into this with expectations that this Windows game can’t live up to. That doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun and education if your child can overlook those issues.


  • Have fun learning multiplication tables
  • 3D third-person adventure game


  • Perhaps too dated

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